Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cafe Sketch

I went out on a wonderful date with Liana (my girlfriend) and after dinner we decided to go to a cafe for a little sketching fun with our new Fabriano sketch books. We didnt get to draw for too long because we had a movie to catch shortly after. (We watched Slumdog Millionaire, Its great. Go watch it!) Anywho.... It was fun to get out and start drawing again.

I was lost but now I'm found.

Wow, its been a while since my first post which was also my last post, and I mentioned about being stuck at the library. Well my job situation has only gotten worse. the city of Oakland is having to do some budget cuts and my hours got cut....by a lot. Which is good because it got me thinking about work and what I WANT to be doing....I want to ANIMATE! So I enrolled into animation mentor. I realized that I have a lot of improving to do if i want to be competitive in the animation job market. My girl friend has been very encouraging and inspiring, so now I'm pumped. Ive been Juan the Library Guy for too long, its time to be Juan the Animator again.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I recently graduated from the Art Institute of California-San Francisco (Ai) with a degree in Media Arts and Animation. When I first started at Ai I thought I would be some rock star animator and graduate with a job at Pixar waiting for me. Boy was I wrong! About half way through school I realized that it's a long hard road to becoming a Character Animator.
So here I am, graduated and working at a Library while I work on making my dream as an Animator come true but it's so competitive out there that sometimes I feel like I'll be stuck here forever. But Its just the frustration that makes me feel that way. I must keep on going!

1st Blog

Hi Everyone, so here it is, my very 1st blog ever.
My girlfriend suggested that I start a blog a while ago but I was never really interested. She has recently gone on a sketching spree creating some awsome stuff and started a blog to start posting stuff on, so now I'm inspired and she has brought the desire to created some 2D work out of me.
Time to create!